“Warm weather, warbling woman, can’t beat that” haiku

Today’s forecast high, oh yeah
Goodbye coats, hello sunroofs

I get the feeling
We’ll pay for this day later
Right now, I don’t care

Sometimes happiness
Is yes or no; today it’s
Matter of degrees

Iris DeMent, Jan. 5, 1961

Sweet Iris Dement
Sweet are the melodies she’s
Given to the world

Songs of questioning,
Mystery, longing, belonging
And finding her voice

It’s a unique voice
A term often used lightly
In her case it’s true

Give me two, three notes
I can tell you it’s Iris
I love that voice

At close of “True Grit”
Knew it was Iris singing
It just had to be

Haven’t heard new songs
From her in years, but Iris
Is writing again

Can’t wait to hear ’em
‘Cause when she misses a note
My heart skips a beat