“Write, writer, rightest” haiku

Carole King, Feb. 9, 1942

Carole King, such gifts
“You’ve Got a Friend,” “Sweet Seasons”
No one wrote more hits

It’s true. They counted.
Last half of last century
No one wrote more hits

“Will You Still Love Me
“Tomorrow” first of more than
100 to chart

They weren’t just jingles,
Either, but pieces of heart
Life in 3 minutes

Shirelles to Winehouse
Seems everyone’s sung your songs
Been better for it

Aretha, Dusty
The Byrds, Everly Brothers
Beatles, Rod Stewart

Even the Monkees
With “Sometime in the Morning”
Channeled your romance

“Tapestry” showed you
Could sing them, too, masterpiece
Of rich, royal hue

“I Feel the Earth Move,”
“It’s Too Late” — every affair’s
Alpha, Omega

But my favorite’s still
One I hope, somehow, is true:
“Only Love Is Real”

Seven decades, lived
In the magic of music
Lady, take a bow

“Long as we got a dime” haiku

The first record store I ever haunted, Kief’s in Lawrence, Kan., turns 52 today. Wish I still had my “Rain”/”Paperback Writer” 45.

Happy birthday, Kief’s
Older than 45, not
Yet 78

You took all my cash
When I was a kid, priceless
Memories in return

Deliver papers
Get paid, ride bike to The Malls
Your spot in ’60s

Just two-ninety-nine
Most mono albums, a buck
More for stereo

Rows and rows of all
The latest vinyl, each with
A hole in its heart

But they spoke to me
So I took them home, we grooved
Over and over

Beatles 45s
Loads of Greatest Hits albums
Beach Boys, Hendrix, Stones

Mamas and Papas
Byrds, Hollies, Doors, Buckinghams
And Wilson Pickett

“Like a Rolling Stone”
With “Gates of Eden” flip side
Dylan masterpiece

A guilty pleasure:
Tommy James singles, but what
The hell’s a Shondell?

The Guess Who, Box Tops
Rascals, Monkees (Pre-Fab Four!)
Had to have them all

Get, spend, listen, love
Pattern I repeated like
A broken record

Happy birthday, Kief’s
Founder John Kiefer’s vision
Still rocks and rolls on

10-20-50 birthday haiku for TP

Such a skinny guy
To cut such a wide, wide path
Through the world of rock

On a movie set
He met Elvis one fine day
It’s good to be king

On a TV set
Saw the Beatles rock U.S.
Knew what he wanted

Unlike so many
Tom Petty made it come true
Running down a dream

He’s had lots of help
Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell
Always have been there

Fought record labels
Hey, he was born a rebel
And he won’t back down

Once he made his mark
Dylan, Harrison, others
Gladly worked with him

60 million sold
That’s a lot of hearts to break
Wilburys traveled

Classic synthesis
Fusing the Byrds’ chime and twang,
Stone’s rock, Beatles roll

And Heartbreakers are
The great American band
35 years on

What’s your favorite hit?
“Refugee”? “Here Comes My Girl”?
“Even the Losers”?

Maybe “Free Fallling”
“Learning to Fly” or “Down South”
TP, you wreck me

After work I’ll play
‘Em all. Till then, the waiting
Is the hardest part