“Long as we got a dime” haiku

The first record store I ever haunted, Kief’s in Lawrence, Kan., turns 52 today. Wish I still had my “Rain”/”Paperback Writer” 45.

Happy birthday, Kief’s
Older than 45, not
Yet 78

You took all my cash
When I was a kid, priceless
Memories in return

Deliver papers
Get paid, ride bike to The Malls
Your spot in ’60s

Just two-ninety-nine
Most mono albums, a buck
More for stereo

Rows and rows of all
The latest vinyl, each with
A hole in its heart

But they spoke to me
So I took them home, we grooved
Over and over

Beatles 45s
Loads of Greatest Hits albums
Beach Boys, Hendrix, Stones

Mamas and Papas
Byrds, Hollies, Doors, Buckinghams
And Wilson Pickett

“Like a Rolling Stone”
With “Gates of Eden” flip side
Dylan masterpiece

A guilty pleasure:
Tommy James singles, but what
The hell’s a Shondell?

The Guess Who, Box Tops
Rascals, Monkees (Pre-Fab Four!)
Had to have them all

Get, spend, listen, love
Pattern I repeated like
A broken record

Happy birthday, Kief’s
Founder John Kiefer’s vision
Still rocks and rolls on