“Just be glad you don’t have to see my birthday suit” haiku

B-Day haiku #1

Easy to remember — wait
Whose birthday is that?

Happy birthday to …
Me! 57 today
So glad to be here

Gifts beyond counting
Treasures invaluable
Glimpses of heaven

Wisdom comes with age
That’s how the saying goes, so
I must not be old

B-Day haiku #2

Indian summer
Hot morning, ’round 2 a.m.
I entered this world

Indian summer
Somehow the sun feels warmer
Colors radiate

Indian summer
Greens, browns, russet, ochre, straw
Palette all its own

Indian summer
Squint into the light, hoping
To catch one more glimpse

Indian summers
How many do I have left?
Savor each with me

Hourglass haiku

Kids grow parents die
Looks jobs bosses partners change
In this dance of time

It’s true normal’s just
A dryer setting meaning
Tumbling in hot wind

So we all need things
To hold onto — tumbleweeds
Are so hard to hug

Friends dogs coffee God
Things that don’t just blow away
When storms are brewing

Spaces inside, out
Spaces life can’t rearrange
Unless we say so

We all need our rocks
To build our peace on, knowing
The sands will get in

A.C. haiku

Windows broken out
Or as we say in the hood
Air conditioning

He heated up when
Asked size of his unit, but
She meant Btu

Air conditioning
One time in life it’s good to
Be a Carrier

Of body’s perspiration
Natural a.c.

But it sure is nice
To put this heat on ice through

Johnny and Maxine haiku

Married July 12, 1941: John Hack and Loretta Maxine Madl
Died July 6, 1999: John Hack
Died Jan. 21, 2010: Maxine Hack

19, getting hitched
What were those two thinking of?
Whatever; it took

Eyes and hair gleaming
They could’ve been movie stars
Two beautiful kids

They got through some stuff
World War II, three boys, cancer
In 58 years

“Till death us do part”
Yet somehow not even death
Could keep them apart

Dad left this earth first
And his passing softened Mom
Made her reflective

Raised in Depression
She wasn’t sentimental
Not on the surface

But she thought a lot
All those years that were such hell
Without her Johnny

And as she held Dad,
Held him in memory, she knew
Some love never dies

I always thought time
Won out in the end; somehow
I think they beat it

Heaven, or memory,
They’re together — always were
Whatever it took

The perfect accompaniment for this, “Their Hearts Were Full of Spring,” is here.

Solstice haiku

The days get shorter
From here on out — can you feel
Time slipping away?

When did the hourglass
Tip, time immeasurable
Turn to counted hours?

When did time contract,
Rein in the racing, stretching
Of endless summers?

And the horizon
Seems to be moving closer
Space shrinking with time

Entropic thinking
Most likely’s true but it sucks
The life out of me

Need sunlight, need air
To blow away the decay
Renew mind, spirit

For the shortest night
However dark, deep, gives way
To the longest day

Last year’s much cheerier batch for the year’s longest day are here.

At Greg’s summer place
Some are here and some are not
Can we check you in?

Class of 2012 haiku

Graduation Day
At Olathe North High School
Eagles leave the nest

Packed tight in the gym
Close friends, closer relatives
Eagles, or sardines?

A heartfelt farewell
From retiring principal
Who loved and inspired

Grad’s eloquent words
Of sacrifice and success
Lessons and leaving

Pomp and circumstance
Handshakes, sheepskin, sheepish grins
Caps and gowns abound

America’s best
Including grads born under
16 other flags

America’s dream
Opportunity for all
Seized and realized

America’s hope
Four hundred and twenty strong
Ready for big things

17, 18
Parents wonder how the years
Went by in seconds

17, 18
So young, yet so smart and strong
Primed to shake things up

Yes, one of them’s mine
And we couldn’t be prouder
Of all his hard work

But now he’s the world’s
He’ll make it a better place
An Eagle takes flight