Vacation haiku, part 2

A quick ferry ride
We’re on Balboa Island
For a lovely stroll

Wind, sun at our backs
Flowers painting rings around
Picture perfect homes

Little downtown strip
Blooms originality
Just two signs alike

“Frozen Bananas”
The rage — two shops claim to be
“The Original”

On ferry ride back
Three cars, bicycles, tourists
Crowd the tiny barge

On ferry ride back
Little girl tells her nanny
“He’s not my boyfriend”

Beach highway beckons
Air so light, cool, crisp with just
A touch of salt taste

Sign says Oceanside
I wonder how they ever
Come up with these names

“No beach out of reach”
Says Navy assault station
— And local surfers

Surreal white pods dot
Grounds of idled reactor
Like alien craft

Independence Day haiku

The 4th of July
A Declaration

Self-evident truths
Rights unalienable
Life and liberty

No Mother England,
No Father King, they declared,
Would deny their rights

Battles with British
Had started one year before
Would last 5 years more

But Declaration
Marked the point of no return
For a new nation

Two signed right away,
John Hancock and Charles Thompson;
Others a month hence

56 signed on
Signed their death sentences if
Revolution failed

But Washington led
Troops that bled at Valley Forge
Refused to give up

French aid was crucial,
Let’s not forget, and freedom
Eventually rang

50 years later
Adams, Jefferson died, but
Their work continues

The Declaration
Excluded women and slaves
But it was the start

Declaration lit
Flame that vanquished slavery
Gave women the vote

And equal rights’ quest
Will never die if we keep
Hearts and minds open

Vacation haiku, part 1

Actually, it’s back to work today. But last week was fun.

Didn’t shave today
Therefore, I’m on vacation
Norelco, buzz off

Misty morning flight
Patterned land recedes, clouds fill
Windows with unknown

Leave early, just beat
The lightning strikes that will ground
Other planes today

Beverage cart squeaks by
No inch to spare on board jet
Everything’s compact

Brazil concentrates
In OJ cup; Springsteen fits
In tiny iPod

Change planes in Dallas
Then on to John Wayne Airport
Orange County’s proud field

Some moms trying hard
To look just like their daughters.
In Golden State, tin

OC: Orange County
Or Obsessive Compulsive?
Sorry, HAD to ask

Solstice haiku

The days get shorter
From here on out — can you feel
Time slipping away?

When did the hourglass
Tip, time immeasurable
Turn to counted hours?

When did time contract,
Rein in the racing, stretching
Of endless summers?

And the horizon
Seems to be moving closer
Space shrinking with time

Entropic thinking
Most likely’s true but it sucks
The life out of me

Need sunlight, need air
To blow away the decay
Renew mind, spirit

For the shortest night
However dark, deep, gives way
To the longest day

Last year’s much cheerier batch for the year’s longest day are here.

At Greg’s summer place
Some are here and some are not
Can we check you in?

“What’s your desire” haiku

This evening only
A solar system near you
Venus in transit

Heavenly body
Makes pass between Earth and sun
But don’t look! Don’t look!!

Telescope filter
Or special welder’s glasses
Needed to save eyes

Otherwise do what
You always do these days — watch
On the Internet

Won’t happen again
Till 2117
So don’t miss this one

First transit that was foreseen
By Horrocks, Crabtree

Horrocks, a student,
And Crabtree, a cloth merchant
Did own star studies

They used Keppler’s sky tables
To predict transit

Transit helped figure
In 1769
Solar system’s size

This time, astronaut
From space station will capture
Transit from orbit

Seems so easy now
But let that heighten, not shrink,
Our sense of wonder

Mother’s Day, 2012, haiku

If a bar band can’t go wrong playing Beatles songs, I guess a poem can’t be too bad if it’s about Mom. To Tina, the mother of our two very lucky children. (Though for her, somehow, the gray hair and wrinkles haven’t showed up.)

She waits, globe belly
A whole other world within
About to be born

She stoops, back aching
Two small arms circle her neck
Tiny kisses heal

She reads, lids heavy
Prays blessed slumber comes first
To her little ones

She drives, endless miles
Bouncing balls, musical notes
Practice makes better

She worries, they grow
In mind and body. But will
Love, wisdom follow?

She grays, and wrinkles
They walk up aisles, diplomas
Down aisles, rings and vows

She smiles, now she knows
They’ll still fall, but they’ll get up
For she showed them how

She’ll love, forever
Even after she is gone.
No other. Mother.

And last year’s Mother’s Day batch is here.

“That’s a big 1040, good buddy” haiku

For those of you just wrapping up (or getting started). Written last year.

Income tax, oh joy
I don’t mind paying my share;
Paperwork, I hate

Income tax, oh joy
What form does Charlie Sheen use?
1040 Slea-Z?

Income tax, no fair
Jim Beam’s allowed to write off
His liquid assets

Income tax, oh joy
April 15th’s the 17th
This year. Is that clear?

Income tax, oh yeah,
This year we get two more days
To stew over it

Income tax, get this
My brilliant deductions would
Impress Sherlock Holmes

Income tax, say what?
You sure I can’t count my dog
As a dependent?

Income tax, oh joy
Even my new computer
Despises this stuff

Income tax, no fair
Donald Trump gets to deduct
That thing on his head

Tax time, go figure
Trump’s wives are good examples
Filling out their forms

Income tax, oh joy
Why do I think there must be
An easier way?

Income tax, oh joy
Just total up your earnings,
Mail ’em to D.C.

Income tax, oh joy
My accountant’s not too bright:
H&R Blockhead

Income tax, oh joy
Loopholes somehow turn into
Noose around my neck

Income tax, oh joy
With help from the IRS
Hey, stop that laughing

Income tax, devised
By the best politicians
That money can buy